Ultrasonic Solar Panel Type Pest Repeller DL-137

USB Charging Mosquito Swatter DL-823
October 17, 2017
Mouse Trap DL-106
October 16, 2017

Theory: It uses ultrasonic technology to repel pests from your yard as well as sonic alarm/harassment noise and strobe lights. The device is environmentally friendly, safe for humans and pets and won’t even harm the pests your are trying to repel. It is equipped with an infrared motion sensor that activates when pests are in range. The strobe light and sensor can also be activated by remote control. The diffence with DL-132 is solar panel added, which assure the device work continuously under no battery condition.


  • Battery-operational: Requires four C batteries (not included) Intelligent Power System (IPS): AC power will take priority over battery when both are installed. In the case of power failure, device will switch to battery backup when batteries are installed.
  • Ultrasonic: Adjustable frequencies so high that only pests can hear the Sonic: Audible alarm and harassment noise Strobe.
  • Light: Ideal for repelling nocturnal animals
  • Modes: Motion Sens, Constant or Continuous Sweep Infrared
  • Motion Sensor: Detects pest in range and activates device.
  • Infrared Motion Sensor: Detects pests in range and activates device.
  • Remote Control: Four-button remote (standby, Turbo, Ultra, strobe)
  • Operating Time: Select Day, Night or 24HR.

Solar Panel Specification:

  • Main engine battery modle: C mode Ni-MH battery
  • Number of battery: 4PCS
  • Type: Laminated panels/components
  • OEM: Yes
  • Name: Solar lighting power supply panel
  • Power: 3W
  • Work voltage:9V
  • Open-circuit voltage:9.8V
  • Size: 220*135*17mm
  • Short circuit current: 0.5
  • Work current: 0.41
  • Weight: 0.4kg


  • 1.The sensing distance is 30-50 feet.
  • 2.Remote distance is 80-100 feet.
  • 3.Defend mode: whole day , daytime ,night.
  • 4.Animals hard to adapt Different Frequency mode
  • 5.100% SMD , import component. Quality assured

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