Ultrasonic Animal Repeller DL-130B

November 8, 2017
Solar Lights Plastic Garden Lawn Lamp DL-822
November 8, 2017

Theory: The ULTRASONIC ANIMAL REPELLER utilizes the latest computer technology to produce an ultrasonic ‘no-go’ area for cats and other unwanted animals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.The ULTRASONIC ANIMAL REPELLER has three power settings, HIGH, MED and LOW, projecting random bursts of ultrasonic sound in the frequency range 13-25KHz, plus a volume switch.


  • Power supply:input 100~240Vac, output 12V DC adapter (included)
  • Ultrasonic frequency:13~27KHz
  • Effective range:8000 sq.ft.
  • Volume:90~110dB


  • 1. HUMANE & ECO-FRIENDLY: You don' t need traps, chemicals, or an exterminator to have a pest free yard. This environmentally friendly solution scares off animals without causing them any harm.
  • 2.PREMIUM QUALITY: Rain or shine, our ultrasonic animal repeller will be there when you need it the most! Crafted from solid plastics, the waterproof unit withstands snow, rain, wind and anything in between.
  • 3.Waterproof for wall hanging:24W bigger power output,with 3 speaker,can connect 2 speakers outside.
  • 4.With the save speech TF cards and ultrasonic by itself, the ulstrasonic have fixed model to scan.The speech sound have the plays model irregularly scheduled.
  • 5.Speech sound can add you favorite sound at any time.Powerful function of ultrasonic and different speech sound can replace.This type is a driving device that multifunctional and multipurpose.

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