USB Charging Mosquito Swatter DL-824

USB Charging Mosquito Swatter DL-825
October 17, 2017
USB Charging Mosquito Swatter DL-823
October 17, 2017

Theory: A single swing of this electronic fly swatter with 400v grid eliminates flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects. Get rid of your old fly swatter and take the modern approach! ULTRA-FAST USB CHARGING - Plug into any USB device to charge this battery operated fly swatter quickly and efficiently. With this high-powered stinger bug zapper at the ready, swarming bugs are a thing of the past!


  • Battery: 400mah lead-acid cell
  • Color: Green
  • Intput voltage:5V--1000mAh
  • Output voltage:400V
  • Mesh material: outer mesh is nickel zinc iron mesh, inner mesh is aluminum.
  • Application range:Home, indoor, office


  • 1.Convenient, and eco-friendly. Help you get rid of problem of mosquitoes and bugs.
  • 2.Easy to use- Full charge time is about 3 hours, mosquito control can be used for 10 days, LED lighting can be used continuously for 9 hours.
  • 3.Safe to touch- Press the activation button on your bug zapper racket, and an indicator light glows. Should you or others touch this powerful pest control tool while it’s electrified, a triple-layer safety mesh protects you.

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